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Tired of your bedroom looking more like a boy’s dormitory than Sleeping Beauty’s luxurious abode? Never fear, Emma is here to bring you the latest bedroom hacks to transform your pigsty into a boudoir fit for a princess. While there are a multitude of styles and tastes out there that will vary from person to person, we will concentrate on basic styling guidelines that can essentially update your bedroom into a more modern look.

Your Duvet Should Be Doing the Most

And by doing the most, I mean it should be the centerpiece of your bed. Choose a duvet made from linen or cotton with neutral colors that mesh well with the other colors in your bedroom. For example, if you have white or off-white walls, choose a grey or charcoal color that blends well with the walls. Reversible duvets are also a great choice for spicing up your bedroom look. They provide not only a method of having two different patterns, but a more interesting look for the “duvet fold,” which is when you fold the duvet about one third of the way down and tuck the seam of the duvet under to create a super stylish appearance. Again, if there’s one component of bedding that you want to splurge on, it’s the duvet, since it will drastically change the overall ambiance of the bedroom.

Throw on a Throw

While duvets are the main attraction of your bed ensemble, throws are the accent pieces. You want to select a throw that will highlight the bed but that will also blend well with the neutral-colored duvet. One suggestion is to have multiple throws for each season, for example: a light pink for spring, pale blue for summer, auburn for autumn, and a deep green for winter. Careful not to choose a color that is too bright or a chaotic pattern that would bring too much attention to the single item. Also, get messy with your throw. I know this sounds contradictory to what I’ve been articulating, but a more informal fold will help give the bed more personality. Try tucking some of the throw beneath the folded part of the duvet or draping it down one side of the bed.

Out with the Old

This one is a bit more obvious, but one people often overlook. If your mattress does not fit properly into the bedframe, it will throw the whole aesthetic off. Likewise, if you have an old mattress that has sink indentions in the foam from years of use (or possibly weight gain) then you are going to have to work hard to make everything come together nicely. You should be updating your mattress every ten years anyway so; I’ve just given you the perfect excuse to go mattress shopping! If your mattress is new but your bed frame fits unevenly, it might be easier to adjust or replace the bed frame, or ditch it all together. You can achieve some really beautiful minimalistic layouts without a bed frame in 2020.

Pushin’ for the Cushions

No bed is complete without cushions. Luckily, they are the easiest to shop for since you want a variety, and they are relatively inexpensive. I’ve heard that three is the optimal amount, and I am inclined to agree, but you could go with more if you want. I would suggest to not have any more than six and have an odd number, so: one, three, or five. Cushions also work as accents to your bed along with the throw but should not be all uniform. Work in cushions with different colors, shapes, textures, and prints. This will really set your bed apart from the boring, basic look that Aunt Becky has been using for years. Keeping your cushions fluffy is also important because it adds a distinguished quality look to the bed. Shake them out and use a “knife-hand” punch to cause the top-middle of the cushion to dip and the right and left corners to stand straight up. This gives the cushions a real professional design aesthetic.  (See example photo)

pillows on sofa decoration

Let Those Pillows Talk

Back when I was growing up, my Mom always told me that pillows should never be seen until you go to bed. Well, it’s 2020, Mom, and pillows are being seen for who they truly are. You do not need to hide them under the duvet any longer. That being said, pillows should almost blend into the bed and not stand out. Place them behind the cushions, at the head of the bed. Four pillows usually look a bit better than just two. Stack one on top of the other so you get two stacks that look full and plump. Choose colors that are the same color (or that blend well) as your duvet. Remember that the standout piece is the duvet with the cushions and throw acting as accent pieces.

And you’re done! Well, you’re done with the essentials at least. There are ton of other things to discuss like pillow shams, layering, color pallets, etc. I decided to keep it simple here since this article is geared towards bedroom design newbies. Please let us know if you enjoyed this design guide and there might be a follow-up for more advanced decorators.

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