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pillow talk

Your sexpert Sophie is on the loose again!


I am starting today’s blog with one of the famous lines from the Salt’ N’ Pepa song that goes like this: Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that can be. That prolific duo from the 90s nailed it with their lyrics on what pillow talk is. You’re confused, I know.

Let me break it down for you.

Pillow talk is an intimate conversation that happens between sexual partners. It usually occurs before or after sex.  Pillow talk can also consists of cuddling, caressing and heart-to-heart conversation, but it can also be about flirting without really engaging in any physical relationship. It’s often associated with sex, but pillow talk is actually a great way of improving intimacy between two people.

When, How and Why?

Pillow talk can help in the situations when you feel the relationship is starting to get boring, or when it feels like nothing is working, or if, the worst thing- sex just starts to feel meh. Pillow talk can keep the sexual bond and relationship that you have with your partner fresh, exciting and playful. It is known that when couples engage in pillow talk they experience an increase in oxytocin most commonly known as the love hormone.

If you want to enhance your pillow talk time here are some tips:

  • You can do it in silence- physical contact, cuddling and just lying next to each other is sometimes enough to feel safe and to feel love growing which will help you fall asleep.
  • Keep it light and fun- let’s just say this isn’t the time to talk about finances and credit or anything that may cause an argument.
  • No phones/laptops- the bedroom should be a place of sleep, sex and pillow talk only, so keep the tech away!
  • Do it on the Emma mattress- not only would you feel support and love from your partner but from your mattress as well.

Maybe it sounds complicated, but it isn’t. I am going to give you a few ideas for a conversation to get you going. For example you can talk about what you love about each other, what scares you, when did you fall in love. You can share your dreams of what you want in your life, funny stories of the past and so on…or you could just talk about aliens and space, no one cares. The most important thing is to feel the intimacy and love growing.

Mutually Exclusive

Still not sure that pillow talk will help you improve your sex life? Let me put it this way: pillow talk happens in bed. Sex happens in bed. So connect the dots.

If you want that small ribbon that connects you with your partner to feel tighter, try out my advice and let the #relationshipgoals rise again.

Love, Sophie.

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