Sexual Healing: Best Mattress Online for Sex

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What was the best sex you’ve ever had? Yeah, we are getting intimate in this post. Most likely images of that special someone or special fling instantly pop into your mind. Was it the way they felt, the way they kissed, or maybe even those dirty little things they said? Or, by chance, could it actually be attributed to the physical location that made the act of making the beast with two backs so much fun? Am I talking about outdoors, bathroom stalls, or kinky clubs? Well no. Let’s be honest, most of the time you are doing the nasty on a mattress, well, unless you do have a particular fetish, but alas this article is not for you. However, if you are more into vanilla sex, then you’re in luck, we are going to dive into the best features for buying a sex mattress online.

So how can a mattress heighten your sexual experience? After extensive research in the field, I am happy to report my results to you. One of the most important 4th base features, especially when you buy a mattress online, is the responsiveness. This means that when you and your partner are having boom boom time, you aren’t sinking too deep into… the mattress (get your head out of the gutter). You want the best mattress you can get that has quite a lot of bounce so you can roll and tumble around for hours, or minutes if that’s your thing. High ratings for motion feedback indicate a good mattress for sex.

Second, no one wants their sexpad to be super noisy. Regardless if you have your own place or have roommates, there is always an occasion where Aunt Becky is over and with her stethoscope against the wall because, well, she’s just a pervy snoop. That’s why, after running several tests, I recommend a memory foam mattress since box spring beds make a lot of noise in most cases. Foam will allow for even the most creative of positions without the slightest creak, but perhaps an occasional moan (wink, wink).

Lastly, breathability is a factor that you should definitely consider when selecting your best mattress online. Remember that time during the summer when the AC went out and you and your partner barely touched fingertips never even considering bumping uglies? That’s because mattresses have a bad habit of trapping body heat, making your body even hotter than room temperature. If you get a cooling mattress like the Emma mattress, you won’t have to worry about melting into your partner due to its breathable layer of Airgocell foam, while you’re doing the mattress mambo. 

In summary, concentrate your efforts on finding a bouncy, breathable, and quiet mattress online. Hope this article has helped you with selecting a great mattress in a box for your extracurricular bedroom activities. I have certainly enjoyed this field project and will be back soon with more tips and tricks!

Emma Sexpert

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