How to Stop Snoring

stop snoring

You finally fell into a state of deep sleep. Your dreams are starting to pick up. You just stole that priceless painting back from some art thieves and they’re on your tail. You jump into your sick batmobile-esque racecar and start swerving through the streets of downtown. Just as you managed to put some distance between your car and the thieves,’ your engine begins to sputter. The previous smooth horsepower changes to a choppy and sickly sound. You lose control of the car as the engine continues to cut out and the thieves catch up with your car. Now you see them coming for you in your rearview mirror as you realize your seatbelt is stuck.  You know it’s all over and you wake up. You’re disappointed for a moment, and then confused. You still hear the sound of the sputtering car engine. But you’re awake… 

You look to your right to find your partner snoring away, much like a blown car engine. It doesn’t take long for you to realize that the reason for your failed heist was your partner’s snores. And this wasn’t the first time. 

If you’re sick of hearing dying car engines in the middle of the night, here are some tips to help your partner (or yourself) stop snoring.

1.  If your partner sleeps on his/her back, try inching a pillow under one side of them while they sleep. This will tilt their body just enough to stop the tongue from reaching the back of the throat. If you/your partner are really looking for a solution, then starting to train as a side sleeper. While switching up the sleeping position you may have used your whole life seems crazy, it could be a permanent solution to your snoring problem.

2.  Another way to combat snoring is to avoid alcohol before bed. I know this may sound absurd to some of our weekend partiers. And we of course want you to continue to enjoy yourself. But perhaps if you’re accustomed to having a glass of wine before bed now and then, you could move that glass up a couple of hours. This way, your throat muscles won’t be too relaxed when you fall asleep. Sleep medications have similar effects on the throat muscles and should also be avoided unless entirely necessary.

3. Dehydration is another common cause of snoring. The lack of sufficient fluids changes the consistency of mucus in your nasal passage, thus increasing the chance of developing into a dying car engine. Make sure you/your partner drinks enough water before bed. But be careful, because too much can cause an increase in your partner’s need to get up and use the bathroom in the middle of the night. But, this is of course no problem if you have an Emma mattress, as you won’t feel your partner’s movements.

Easy, right?

4. Watch what you eat before bed. Certain foods and drinks have inflammatory properties that can cause greater strain on your nose and throat when sleeping. Food products that are high in dairy and gluten are a good example of things to avoid before bed. 

5. Exposing yourself to steam before sleep is another good way to prep yourself for a quiet night. This opens up your airways and minimizes the chances of snoring throughout the night. Taking a warm shower or bath before bed is a great way to get some steam through your airway. 

6. Finally, getting enough sleep is a super important step in limiting your snoring. Even though you’re dying to find out what happens on the finale of Stranger Things, maybe you can save that last episode for tomorrow night, and make sure you get the sleep you need.  

Happy race car driving!

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