How to Become a Dream Warrior

dream warrior

Interpreting common recurring dreams is so 2018. We’re going full Matrix in this post. Are you tired of getting brutally killed in your dreams? Maybe Susie from high school Biology class is still haunting your beauty sleep even though it’s been like ten years since graduation. Falling endlessly into a pit of nothingness? Never fear, today we are going to teach you how take those pesky nightmares and own them like the intrepid warrior god (goddess) that you are.

Master Lucid Dreaming: Inception-style

Remember when you had that weird dream where you knew you were dreaming but didn’t wake up? That’s called a lucid dream. You are aware of your subconscious creating a dreamscape but the part of your brain that is normally disconnected while sleeping is also alert. What if you could have this kind of dream all the time? Imagine seeing Susie’s stupid face but instead of hearing those horrible names she used to call you at recess, she falls into a trashcan or better yet, she just disappears altogether. Maybe you’re more of an adventurer and would enjoy changing your underwater shark attack nightmare into a Little Mermaid inspired ocean sing-along. Dreams are a powerful phenomenon but you, my little gladiator, are a force to be reckoned with!

What’s the key to mastering lucid dreams? One word: meditation. Meditation allows you to increase your awareness and be alert when your brain enters into different states of consciousness. People that meditate are used to asking themselves questions about what they are thinking and feeling which indirectly sharpens their awareness while dreaming. Once in the dreamscape, if awareness levels are high enough, you can begin to ask yourself questions like, “How did I get here?” or “Does a talking cat smoking a cigar really make sense?” Noticing inconsistencies in your dreams can trigger a lucid dream where you pull the strings and not your subconscious. 

Time is Your Friend

Do you wear a watch? Well maybe you should if you want to be a top-tier dream warlord. Wearing a digital watch can be one of the easiest methods to let yourself know that you are dreaming. Wear the watch at all times including when you are sleeping. Dreams are notorious for not adhering to the principals of electronic devices. This is because a different part of your brain controls language centers like telling time. Basically, a digital watch won’t work in your dream. And if your watch isn’t working well, of course it’s time for your dream powers to activate. 

So, once you’ve mastered your new-found dream abilities on your Emma mattress, what’s next? Well according to some new research related to sleep science, there may be a way to communicate with others while in the dream world. This is basically the best news I’ve heard all day. I can’t wait to dream-call my boyfriend and tell him I’m hungry and to go get me a bed-time snack! 

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