How Did the Mattress Industry Become the Mattress-in-a-Box Industry?

mattress-in-a-box unboxing

Are you sick of listening to mattress store ads during your podcast, radio, or even while watching TV? Well I am too, because I got my Emma mattress online and I don’t need anything else. All jokes aside, it seems like the mattress-in-a-box is the only thing being sold these days.

Are you one of those people that likes to test their mattress before buying it?

Most mattress producers suggest that you should replace your mattress every seven years. Making such a long-term commitment sounds like a big deal, but most of the mattress-in-a-box companies offer a 100-night trial, which makes it a lot easier to commit. Mattress-in-a-box companies usually sell their products at cheaper prices compared to mattress stores, which make them a much better investment.

The Breakthrough of Mattress-in-a-Box Companies

The mattress-in-a-box trend started in 2014 by a company “who shall not be named,” if you get the reference. Mattresses were one of the last things to make the transition to e-commerce. Some of the theories claim that the increase in this industry happened due to the global financial crisis in 2008. For a long time, people stopped buying mattresses. By the time the economy recovered, a lot of people needed a new mattress. Also in that time span, people became more used to turning to the internet to make their shopping process easier.

The Hook

Let’s not forget that mattress can be manufactured for about $250, but sold at much higher prices. The online mattress business has even less business expenses than a mattress store, which allows these companies to sell their products at lower prices. As a lot of entrepreneurs saw a rapid increase in the mattress-in-a-box industry, many decided to invest. What resulted was a massive amount of digital brands that appeal to millenials, the same group that is driving the rise of online shopping. Success in this field ultimately comes to branding and marketing. Have you heard of anyone else offering a unique European sleep experience? No and that is the reason why you should go and get yourself an Emma mattress.


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