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In “Health and Mind” you will learn all about how sleep affects us both mentally and physically. Quality, duration, and depth of sleep can all influence our ability to perform day to day tasks as well as our long-term health. Sleep and mental wellness are closely tied, and this can explain certain cases of insomnia and lasting fatigue. In this category, we will shed light on the various health benefits of sleep.


We delve into different sleep techniques and routines to improve your sleep and thus your well-being. You will find explanations and solutions to issues like back pain, nutrition, anxiety and much more. Not only does sleep affect our time awake, but our behavior during the day can also affect our time asleep. Discovering these subtle aspects of our day can help to improve our sleep behavior. With Emma’s blog, you can always ensure a healthy and relaxed sleep.

Dark figures stand ominously in a black and white alley
How to Interpret Your Nightmares
What Do Your Nightmares Really Mean?   There was a period in my life in my late teenage years,...
Tired guy with hands on his face
Can You Fake Sleep?
Can You Fake Sleep? We’ve all been there. You wake up 10 to 15 times during the night and...
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Can Lack of Sleep Trigger Hallucinations?
A few years ago, I was teaching abroad in Japan and the transition from my home country to East...
ceiling fan; night sweats
4 Reasons Why You Might Have Night Sweats
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat? I know it can be...
Sleep Deprivation
5 Hilarious Real Stories About Being Sleep Deprived
We’ve all been there. Hours of tossing and turning in the bed with thoughts of an impending breakup, a...
Nighttime Routines
Some of the biggest sleep-related issues that people in 2020 encounter have to do with their nighttime routine. Wait,...
new mattress
Beyond Your Wildest (Quarantine) Dreams
You’ve been cooped up for months and between being bored out of your mind and dealing with your partner’s...
How to Disinfect and Sanitize Your Memory Foam Mattress?
Hey guys, Sophie here. It’s a crazy time happening out there, while the novel coronavirus has you boarded up...

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