Everything You Do On a Mattress

everything you do on a mattress

Quick trivia question for you: What are mattresses for? 

Sleeping you say?

EHHHHHHHHHH (how do you write a buzzer noise? idk) 

But that is a very incomplete answer. The truth is, we do so much more than sleep on a mattress. If that fact we always hear about spending a third of our lives sleeping is true, then we spend MUCH more time than that on our mattress.

Let’s start from the beginning…

You were probably conceived on a mattress. Maybe your parents claim they were more exciting than that, but for the majority of people it’s true. Sex is a very important client of the mattresses’ portfolio. If the specifics of this interests you, you can read more about the importance of a mattress in your sex-life here.

When you were a kid, your mattress was often your portal to another world. You craved the moment that you could sneak your broccoli under the table to Sparky and rush up to your bedroom to continue your heated battle with those scally-wag pirates. Your mattress was your space to build your Barbie dream house when Santa failed to bring you one. Or, it was your strategic hiding place when your parents called you down for spring cleaning. From a very young age, your mattress was whatever you needed it to be.

That transcendentalism grew with you, as you entered your teenage years. Your mattress became your sanctuary to listen to punk rock music when you hated the world (yes, we all went through that phase). You laid on your mattress and cried into your pillow when Brad didn’t ask you to prom. You sat on the mattress with all your friends and traded stories about the angst and excitement of high school. And, you cemented life-long friendships when your besties slept over on that mattress. 

Then, of course, you move into your first apartment…

For the first time, you’re making adult decisions like buying a mattress. When you finally decide to buy an Emma mattress, it becomes, once again your home. Your mattress is your movie theater. Let’s be real, there’s no Netflix and chill without a mattress. Your mattress becomes your office. We all have those days where we need a mental health day but routinely check our emails in our pj’s all the same. Your mattress is your therapist. Whether that breakup is hitting you hard, or you’re having a mid-life crisis at 25, on your mattress is where you find solace. And, whether or not you like to admit it, from time to time, your mattress is your restaurant. Who hasn’t snuck a tub of Ben and Jerry’s into their room at night, so you can melt away into chocolaty bliss under your covers? 

If you hadn’t thought about how important a mattress is, take these extra activities into consideration. A mattress may be associated with sleep, but we all live much of our time awake on our mattresses too. Deep, right?

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