5 Hilarious Real Stories About Being Sleep Deprived

Sleep Deprivation

We’ve all been there. Hours of tossing and turning in the bed with thoughts of an impending breakup, a presentation at work, or anxiety over parenting. Or, maybe you are just overly excited about the new Bon Jovi album, no judgement. For whatever the reason may be, all of us have experienced sleepless nights that result in a sluggish morning, a seemingly never-ending afternoon, and barely being able to hold our head up until evening. Sleep deprivation affects us in different ways and have negative impacts on not only our bodies but also on the decisions we make throughout the day. Below are some humorous examples of how exhaustion can lead to some of the most embarrassing and memorable moments of your life.


  1. The way to his heart is through his… phone?

Apparently sleep texting is now a thing and people are falling asleep later than usual since they get in bed, and instead of going straight to sleep, they text until they pass out from exhaustion. All well and good until you realize that you are missing those crucial one to two hours each night. Suddenly eight hours becomes six hours, and I don’t know about you but I am miserable with only six hours of sleep. Here’s a hilarious quote from Somya, 21, who was texting her boyfriend before bed:

“He told me I called him and had been talking as if he was a customer at my work, trying to sell him a phone contract among other things.” ABC News

I wonder if he bought the phone. Maybe she offered him a good deal on the contract? Hopefully Somya gives us an update soon.


  1. Came for the presentation, stayed for the backgammon

I remember a few times in my life being very tired and forgetting to grab the right book or binder for class but so far in my professional life I have not been as unfortunate as this poor soul:

“Many years ago, I had to do a presentation. When I got to the meeting and opened my brief case, I realized I had been carrying a backgammon board all morning.” Huffington Post

I’m trying to imagine how he recovered from this. Maybe he played it off saying, “I know I was supposed to give a detailed presentation on the sales figures in July but I thought we could see how those figures can be represented in this game of backgammon!” I hope he got a promotion.


  1. But it was on sale!

This nearly happened to me on Amazon where I was so sleepy that I abandoned all reason and judgement and nearly spent $500 on a life size statue of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. I just pinched myself and stepped away from the computer and into the sheets. This guy was not so lucky it seems:

“One day a package shows up at my house addressed to me. I open it up, and it’s this mint condition Nintendo. Like still in the box and everything. Sweet, right? Then I unpack a little more and find a receipt from an eBay seller, with my name on it, saying I paid $800 for it. I don’t remember doing that, so I immediately go online, check for fraud, and so on. Nope. There it was, right on my account, with a ‘Buy It Now’ from about a week prior, at 2:45 a.m.” Fatherly

I hope he at least got some kind of collector’s edition for that kind of money. I guess he can think of it as a future investment for his kids. Might be a hard sale for his wife though.


  1. Barbie on the barbie

One of the most common places for these sleep deprivation mishaps take place in the kitchen. We have probably all heard the story of someone pouring coffee or orange juice into their cereal but sometimes it can get a bit extreme. This woman might have some explaining to do later with her kids:

“I’m always exhausted and once put a bag of Barbies in the fridge thinking it was a bag of carrots. I got a surprise when I took them out to cook them!” Daily Mail

In her defense, both Barbies and carrots are long and slender so I can understand how she got so easily confused. Maybe she can serve it with a side of Ken or Stacie.


  1. Rock-a-bye groceries

I’ll confess that if I’m running on fumes then I usually just cancel my grocery shopping trip and just eat leftovers or order a pizza, another reason why lack of sleep isn’t helping my healthy eating lifestyle. I know for some people that is not always the case, here’s an example:

“I went food shopping and used a trolley. I was so used to pushing around a baby in a pushchair that I found myself pushing the trolley back and forth lightly. Y’know, to calm down the groceries.” Tyla

I bet those groceries went right to sleep without a fuss. Can you imagine all the curious stares as she was consoling those cute, innocent food products? You’re right, I’ve definitely seen crazier things happen at the supermarket.

We’ve had a lot of fun reading through story after story of people doing some absolutely ridiculous things when sleep deprived. We all had a good laugh but remember, sleep is for winners. To get the most out of your day and out of life, try to get those eight hour every night. If you need help getting to sleep, check out some of our recent posts on how to set yourself up for sleep success!

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